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"The guitars; Waggs with his sublime, feudal noise lead work kick-boxing with Steve’s ambiguous, constructed chaos. The mighty slabs of Jon’s distorted and clunking bass grooves propel and bounce around Ren’s tribal punk tub-thumping. All this is purposefully and perfectly designed to underpin Titch; the very linchpin that holds together this gargantuan musical equivalent of Einstein intensely brooding over mathematical equations whilst drowning in a haze of Absinthe on the beach in Apocalypse Now. All the while Colonel Kilgore mercilessly barks at him to try a go at surfboarding! It is part fantasy, it is part fiction, it is all incredibly overwhelming, but I love it! Listen to them, you’ll understand. Titch is a screaming and psychotic ball of masculine energy trading vocals with Steve’s anarchic, dangerous and physically demanding stream of both conscious and subconscious malevolence using all manner of vocal effects and interpretations. This band might just be the most important band waiting to be discovered. Quite simply, this band epitomizes everything that makes music so exciting. They will rip people’s heads off, but perhaps even more importantly, they will also divide opinion most vehemently. A mighty and unstoppable wall of noise; an absorbing concoction of slices of atonal madness spliced together with rich layers of stellar beauty; and the most engaging band I have ever heard… …Stout"