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Hailing from the steel city, Newcastle, Rum Jungle are one of Australia's go-to sun soaked bands with their
mixture of surf rock and alt-pop, they float pop melodies on psych guitars and chilled groove beats. With a
plethora of sounds and styles, the band create something which is distinctly their own and their latest EP
demonstrates just that.

After a lot of exploration in their previous releases, the seven-track EP, Hold Me In The Water, sees the band
finally finding their sound, without being boxed into anything specific. Taking listeners on a rollercoaster journey,
the introduction is miles apart from its finale, keeping you on your toes with each and every track. The band
shares, “You’ll hear some chargers and you’ll hear some chillers that next to each other will be surprising but all
have that signature Rum Jungle sound.

We’re all stoked on each and every one of these tracks and we’ve put more than we ever have into getting each of them right. Just like our last EP’s we want it to crank on right out the gate but close out with something you can cruise on low to.” From the colossal sounding drums and obnoxious vocals in “Electric Snowman” right through to the lethargic simplicity of “Nervous,” there really is something for everyone.

Thematically, Hold Me In The Water, is inspired by the hurdles the band have faced over the last year or two.
Covering everything from their rough spots, to their mad highs, it follows them on their experiences as a band,
resulting in something which is honest, raw and relatable. “These tunes are all unique with what they’re about
and some have some real introspective thoughts on dynamics in relationships whereas some others are truly just
about having a good time,” they confide.

The four piece have developed a devoted fan base off the back of their three EPs Everything Is Easy, Crazy
Days and Sun & Smoke. Rum Jungle have established themselves in the tour circuit with sold out shows around
the country and festival appearances joining Groovin the Moo, This That, Rolling Sets, Falls Festival and
upcoming showcases at SXSW.

They also currently have the most played track on triple j radio and have had the
pleasure of performing their prestigious segment "Like A Version." Quickly propelling in all areas, Rum Jungle are
certainly ones to watch this 2023 and beyond.