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Maruja is an evocative force that transports listeners to a world of diversity and gritty realism.

Improvisation provides the backbone of Maruja’s compositions, compelling instrumentation andculturally relevant lyrics speak in tongues;creating a myriad of whispered secrets.

For the better part of a decade, they have relentlessly honed their craft, pouring over every notewith a precision that borders on the obsessive.

It is not just a passion that drives them but rather anall-consuming need, a force that compels them to create and perform with a visceral intensity that isboth electrifying and terrifying.

Knocknarea is the debut project from the 4 piece and is the highest rated EP of 2023 on Rate YourMusic and Album of The Year.

Anthony Fantano reviewed the project, stating “the performances aretight, the spoken word passages are edge of your seat, the guitars and saxophones are reallydynamic and fantastic...” He goes on to say, “...this EP, there’s so much potential, there’s so muchgood material... I have no doubt with something of this quality right out the gate, we’re gonna havean even better album down the pipe. Definitely check this EP out because this thing is fire!"