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Kerrang! Magazine counts New Years Day among an elite handful of bands inspiringthe next generation. Led by “the vibrant force of nature that is frontwoman AshCostello,” New Years Day unleash anthems of discontent and empowerment, deliveredwith gothic flair and theatrical bombast.

It’s a sound that crashed into the Mainstream Rock Top 40 for the first time in 2019 with a top 15 rockradio charting single "Shut Up" followed up by the cathartic “Hurts Like Hell,” which finished 2022 as oneof SiriusXM Octane’s Top 25 songs of the year. Each successive victory is a celebration of hard-foughtcreative freedom,unstoppable determination, and dedicated fans.

Throngs of diehards and newcomersalike sing and sweat along with New Years Day, at festivals, in clubs, or on tours with Halestorm, FallingIn Reverse, Motionless In White, Ice Nine Kills and In This Moment.Saints and sinners, victims and victors. In sound and vision, New Years Day walk theline between darkness and light.

The band’s dualitycomes to fruition on Half BlackHeart, an unrepentant and unashamed album championing discovery, from the darkestsecrets to one’s inner strength.Unrestrained fury collides with arena-ready glamor, confrontational DIY passion, andmelodic hooks. “HurtsLike Hell,” “Vampyre,” “Bulletproof,” “Fearless,” the title track, and the rest of HalfBlack Heart join an already impressive catalog of songs, like “Come for Me,” “Skeletons,” “Kill or BeKilled,” and “Shut Up.” Fans have streamed “Angel Eyes” more than14 million times on Spotify alone.Victim to Villain (2013), Malevolence (2015), and Unbreakable (2019) deeply resonatewith listeners who cherish them as timeless keepsakes, marking different times in theirown personal evolution. It’s because Costello,who skillfully conjures horror and comicbook aesthetics as allegory, is one of them.

In cinematic music videos, transcendent live performances, and daily interaction (virtualor in-person) with like-minded misfits, this band makes pleasure from pain. Even when ithurts like hell.