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2023 saw the release of the band’s first EP ‘Dirt and Daydreams’. Released on their own CraicDen label it was a “statement of intent - our audition for the big leagues”. Euan recorded the band one by one in his bedroom before mixing it himself, with Daniel doing the artwork.

It made for a romantic DIY blueprint for the band they’re destined to become, attracting attention from people outside of Scotland for the first time, leading the recording of 2024’s imminent self-titled EP: Produced by Merseyside indie royalty Rich Turvey (Blossoms, Rachel Chinouriri, The Coral) at Kempston Street Studios in Liverpool, it’s a serious step up with the band recording fully live (“on high end gear”) for the first time. 

In a time where even small indie bands play to stadium sized backing tracks, the sound of a band just playing acoustic instruments and singing in harmony makes for a refreshing take on indie. More 1875 than 1975 maybe, but recent tours with the likes of the Mary Wallopers, Spector and the Lathums have proved how well the formula works, even far away from home. “People see banjos and think - these kids are gonna start playing hobbit music. But then they hear it and they get it. And by the end of the show they love it.” And what about the folk purists? “They should hate us but they don’t. They love us too.” Armed with a sound and set-full of songs as charming as they are, maybe fame and fortune’s only a matter of time. Is that what they want? “Total worldwide success I suppose.” replies Daniel. “Yeah,” says Aidan. “That’ll do.