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“Black Spiders may have been away, but they haven’t forgotten what they’re good at, anthems so brilliantly basic (and basically brilliant) they’re like injecting pure essence of Friday night into your eyeballs. As feelgood hits of the lockdown go, this is hard to beat.”

KKKK Kerrang!


“high-octane, heavy rock’n’roll, effectively a superlative meld of Motorhead, Sabbath and AC/DC…”

*****  Classic Rock


“a boisterous, boozy, big-riffing comeback. Instantly recognisable.. the lusty original blueprint..”

8/10  Metal Hammer


“Back in the saddle and firing on all cylinders. It’s crazy they haven’t hit the top of the charts with their glittering melodic takes and instantly catchy refrains, which this album is full fit to bursting. Hard as nails”

8/10 Vive le Rock


“Crisp distorted guitars and clear vocals follow the pounding drums. This is a great excuse to dust off the air guitar and to enjoy the dirty rock and roll once again”

Narc magazine


“the finest collection of riffs put on record this century. They may well have just unleashed their masterpiece.”

5/5  ERB magazine


“conveys an almost punk spirit in that wish to antagonise and not just follow the masses, assaulting your eardrums in the best possible way, it’s a testament to their enduring songwriting that they could release an album this strong.”

Uber Rock


“Black Spiders have unveiled their monster of a self-titled comeback album. Boasting 13 tracks of high-energy, riff-heavy realness, the five-piece have truly bounced back with a bang.”

Backseat Mafia


“glorious riffing and neck-breaking anthems. Black Spiders romp through the album with minimum fuss and maximum muscle. What’s not to like?”

John Tucker online


“It’s the exact premise the band built their name on and this time, it’s even more vicious... they sound tighter and hungrier than ever. There’s a new level of polish found in the performances whilst still keeping it raw and unpretentious.”



“they’re still the same band that delighted audiences with their triple guitar offense, stupidly catchy choruses and ability to produce both high-octane and stoner-tinged rock songs. This is a band who have matured in their time away; the energy remains, but they’re developing beyond the tried-and-tested and that’s a very exciting prospect. As an album, Black Spiders swings for the fences with every track and hits a home run on plenty of them.”

8/10 Distorted Sound Mag


“Stabbed In The Back” boasts a rare energy, and is one of the finest things they’ve ever done, but this band has always been about the gear changes and “Wizard Shall Not Kill Wizard” is almost doom, and if “Give Em What They Want” is perhaps well named, it is still rock music from the top draw. True originality is tough, but it’s something Black Spiders have always had. What I do know is there’s still that air about the music and moreover, the Black Spiders are back in town and there’s no one safe.’

9/10 Maximum RNR


“Black Spiders mean business, a good time collection of songs, wrapped in garage sounds. Welcome back..”

9/10  Powerplay



“Delivering total low-end satisfaction whilst also allowing the band themselves breathing space to take in their total awesomeness.”

RPM magazine

“huge riffs and anthemic choruses...a ferocity and passion that really sounds genuine. It’s a triumphant return for the band, and an album that should hopefully send them through the stratosphere...”

 York Calling


“Such punky fun.. with a desert twist..Oh my.. what a ride!”

Firework magazine


“Black Spiders make a welcome return with their best work yet, delivering an album that’s bursting with great rock ‘n’ roll”

Gig Soup 85%