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TEENAGE WEREWOLVES - World’s best Cramps tribute return to England after their wildly successful 2019 UK tour ended in London’s World’s End with Magenta of Rocky Horror on stage with the band to sing the Time Warp! This sexy freak-out & visually intoxicating show started preaching the gospel of The Cramps from the pulpit-stages in Los Angeles (Viper Room, Whiskey a Go-Go) after the death of rock’s most-uninhibited singer, Lux Interior. . . TWs singer Jack Atlantis is from the same hometown as Lux and merge John Waters & Russ Meyers overtones to create an show loved by newcomers and hard-core fans alike. . . See their " Best of video "
“The Teenage Werewolves are the closest you can get to the real thing / creepy cool crooner Jack Atlantis channeling of Lux Interior was spell-binding” (LA Weekly). “One of the best rock shows I’ve ever seen” (David J of Bauhaus).
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KiTTEN de ViLLE, is credited as one of the originators of the “Modern Burlesque movement”. Starting her career in 1994, she regularly performs across the US, UK, & the EU, headlining with a variety of top musicians & performers from around the globe. . . Winner of “Miss Exotic World 2002” and “Queen of the Quake”, Kitten has graced the covers of books, magazines, calendars and newspapers worldwide and worked with top photographers from around the world, including David Lachapelle and Bunny Yeager. She has also walked the runways for acclaimed designers such as Jean-Paul Gaultier, Syren, and Agent Provocateur. . . Kitten was featured in the Hollywood film "Auto Focus" starring Willem Defoe, television shows, burlesque documentaries, independent films as well as music videos such as, The Cramps "Ultra Twist”, Rob Zombie's "Feel So Numb" and J-Lo’s ,"You do it well”.
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SHE’S in BAUHAUS was created by singer Jack Atlantis, as a result of high-profile shows in Los Angeles California with original Bauhaus members in the audience like David J & Kevin Haskins who said “Jack’s voice & moves made me forget I was not watching Peter Murphy on stage from my drum kit”. Other audience members have said; “Somehow, Jack becomes more Peter than Peter Murphy”. . . This anticipated tribute show will be touring the UK by the same team who brought you The Teenage Werewolves. Witness their first tour in August 2021.
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JESSICA HABIT is a freelance model with a story very similar to her idol Bettie Page. It began when she modeled for photographer Linden Adams, after he suggested that with her Amazonian stature (5’10" barefoot), she had a striking resemblance to 50s pinup queen Bettie Page. Jessica had that eureka moment feeling a-kinship to Bettie’s kick ass assertiveness and begun to design her own underwear and clothes like Bettie. Linden has created scores of provocative photoshoots with Jessica and she then had the opportunity to be on stage with the Teenage Werewolves as a dancer and since that show in Derby, she has joined the band for their 2021 UK tour as a performer & burlesque dancer.
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