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MarthaGunn take their name from the 18th century folk heroine who operated bathing machines on Brighton’s seafront, curing the assorted ailments of wealthy visitors.


“She was a spiritual healer”, lead guitarist Humphrey Luck says, “I like the reference because she healed people, and we hope our music has the ability to do the same.”


The five-piece - line-up completed by Abi Woodman on lead vocals, Max Hunter on guitar, Ally Mackay on bass and Frankie Sparrowhawk on drums - have spent time honing their craft, delivering raucous shows across the UK and Europe, while perfecting their passionate indie-rock. Think Fleetwood Mac meets Haim, but filtered through the imagination of a Mystery Jets obsessive.


“Music should do one of two things - it should provoke you emotionally or provoke you physically,” say the band; “When I listen to music I either want to cry or I want to dance, and if you can make a song that does both…”


Listen to their latest release, ‘It’s Over’ here.