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SILAS NEPTUNE (Ozric Tentacles)


Silas Neptune is the synth player for the UK Cult Indie band Ozric Tentacles. His music journeys through secret realms and far off dreamscapes, an exploration of the nature of the Cosmos. A unique musician with an evocative sense of harmony and a knack for enchanting melodies. 


The brainchild of Greyum May (Ex Ozric Tentacles) Keepers Brew is a heady eclectic mix of Dark Psy Breaks, Bouncy Drum N Bass and Psychedelic Space Rock.  Massive riffs, face melting guitars and mind bending sonic ladnscapes. The Future is bright, the future is Psychedelic.


Silas Neptune & Saskia Maxwell are uniting in a songful blend of transcendental harmony and innocent beauty, merging musical worlds to form a super breed of ethereal Space Folk. With a heightened sense of vision, they are climbing to new vistas of awareness through the medium of music.


E:Clipse is an exciting collaboration between UK artists Adam Goodlet (OverSoul, Re:Creation) and Laura Jenkins (FireFarm, The Laura Jenkins Band). Adam’s squelchy psychedelic bass frequencies and synth riffs meet Laura’s beautiful, dynamic, thought provoking melodies and lyrics. Together they have created a slamming, powerful, futuristically mystical sound that will leave your ears, body and mind refreshingly awoken."