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A recovering former monarch of Bavaria, Mad King Ludwig is a musician, writer, performer and madman supreme. Currently residing in Southampton, UK, he has played around the UK with The Mojo Co., selling out venues across the South and playing at Isle of Wight, Victorious, Common People, How The Light Gets In and Rhythmtree festivals. He has worked with Grammy-winning producer Liam Watson (The White Stripes, Madness, The Kills, Tame Impala, James Hunter), and has been featured on Tom Robinson’s BBC 6 Music show.

Possessing the voice of a fired-up Tom Waits-esque Southern preacher and the physical frame of a Culture Club reject, Ludwig is a striking sight and sound to behold when performing. He has shared the stage with the likes of The Urban Voodoo Machine and Tankus the Henge, and has amassed many a mad story to tell on his musical travels.

His début album, Do What Makes You Happy, is due for release on 13th January 2019, and showcases Ludwig’s broad, eclectic and mad songwriting ability, as well as his octopus-esque musical talent – he sings, plays guitar, piano, double bass, saxophone and kitchen percussion on the record.

The record grew from a frustration with the current climate - political instability and ridiculous reality, the music industry's instability and the growing pressure on independent musicians and venues. Ludwig found 2018 to be a challenging year in many ways, touring with the Mojo Co., working hard to gain new opportunities and attracting positive attention, yet still seeming to stagnate. He even considered throwing it all in and going to live in a tree. But the same phrase kept coming back to him, in the face of adversity and frustration - 'Do What Makes You Happy'. And so the album came to be, had to be.

Channelling the musical peripateticness and curiosity of Tom Waits, the rollicking blues rhythms of Howlin' Wolf, Son House and Seasick Steve, the jazz-infused sensitivities of Leonard Cohen and Kamas Washington, the sheer madness of Gogol Bordello and Tankus the Henge, and the burning positivity of Idles, and many others besides, 'Do What Makes You Happy' is an eccentric and eclectic first outing.

Bringing the record to the historic stage of the Joiners, where Ludwig has performed a number of times before to large crowds, an evening of the unexpected is planned, with an array of musical guests to help crank the musical carnival along. Vocalists from Tenderlore and Cat Eliza T will be in full voice, slide player supreme Tom Basson will be in stinging song, Southampton bard Issa Loyaan Farrah will be expertly rhyming the couplets and stimulating the minds, the Rosaline Strings will be stirring the hearts, and Mad King Ludwig's touring band will bombastically, deftly, eclectically unify the whole thing - Stef Croot (Mad King Ludwig and the Mojo Co., Yeeha Granma) on guitar/harmonica, Sian Unwin (The Circadians, The Bobonboboffs) on double and electric bass, and Paul Gunter (Stomp! The Musical) on strange percussion.

Expect the unexpected.