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John Fairhurst is gearing up to greet 2018 with a kaleidoscope of sounds, effortlessly
shapeshifting between his customary acoustic solo Delta Blues show, to a new exciting duo

with Toby Murray on drums. The pair are finally unleashing the full blown power of psy-
chedelic rock blues infused with world music influences in their new album and live show.

A John Fairhurst show is a true testimony of his versatility, capable of captivating audiences
across UK, Europe, the US, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and South East Asia as a solo

artist armed simply with his trademark resonator or supported by the flair of Toby’s percus-
sion; his music takes the audience on a musical voyage of spell binding improvisations

drawing freely from a rich tapestry of influences that span from the Mississippi to the

Ganges and all that is worthy in between.

Fronted by their eponymous songwriter, the duo draw freely from rock, blues and world mu-
sic, with a penchant for slide guitar and through his distinctive deep growling voice, the

songs, delivered in pure raconteur style, narrate the hardships of a life on the road and the

bleakness of our times.

John has for the last 5 years been constantly touring, visiting The Netherlands, The UK,
Poland, Belgium and The Czech Republic on his travels. His headline slot at the Blues Alive
Festival was aired across Czech National Television, while his music has also featured on
several international TV soundtracks including The Commonwealth Games, BBC’s
Panorama, The Americas Cup Boat Race and movies ’Plan Z’, ‘The Beat Beneath My Feet’

and Martin Scorsese produced feature,’ Tomorrow’.

2017 saw a steady rise in fortunes for John and his ascent shows no signs of slowing. In
July, John signed an new publishing deal with successful independent publishers Wipe Out
Music, helping him garner much wider international interest. Acoustic Guitar Magazine USA
recently hailed Fairhurst as one of the Top 3 Resonator guitar players worldwide - the only

European on the list.

A new album is currently in production; a real melting pot of diverse musical influences and

styles. He will again be working with his long term go-to producers Alex Beitzke and pro-
ducer Bradley Spence (Radiohead, Prince, Florence and the Machine, Stereophonics, Iron

Maiden, The Strypes, Kasabian) This promises to be a long awaited follow up to his highly

regarded 2014 breakthrough album, ‘Saltwater.’

2018 will kick off with London Remix Festival in early February. March will see John and
Toby travelling to Panama to perform at Global Tribal Gathering, followed by numerous UK,
European and further international festival shows and tours throughout the year, in support

of their album release which is due in autumn.