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Norwegian punk-pop band Sløtface were until recently known as Slutface. Like Icelandic female hip hop collective Reykjavíkurdætur, who bawled "suck my clit” live on TV and have a song, D.R.U.S.L.A (S.L.U.T) which was written for the SlutWalk movement, they want to reclaim the derogatory term and make "bad” behaviour as acceptable for women as it is for men. They have other plans, among them challenging the way young women – indeed, young people in general - are presented in the media, and making concerts a safe space for females. "We want them to feel comfortable being part of the mosh pit, especially girls in their teens,” says Sløtface frontwoman Haley Shea. "We try and encourage them to stage dive for the first time, because it should be really empowering, and you shouldn’t have to be scared.”