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Flyte are Will Taylor (vocals, lead guitar), Nick Hill (bass, vocals), Sam Berridge (keyboards,

guitars, vocals) and Jon Supran (drums, vocals).

The band has spent the first months of 2017 in Australia putting the finishing touches to their

debut album with ‘Courtney Barnett’ producer Burke Reid, a collaboration that delves deep

into new sonic territory to create a modernist but timeless sound that revels in coming-of-age

nostalgia, cinematic synth melodies and prolific storytelling themes of life, love and death.

Last year, vocalist Will Taylor and keys player Sam Berridge got drunk and uploaded a cover

of Joni Mitchell’s ‘River’ to their Facebook page. The slap-dash DIY charm and heart-
wrenching voices started a Flyte-movement. Racking up over 1M streams, fans wanted more

sessions, and Flyte began carefully curating covers in London landmarks with towering

acoustics, earning a reputation for their trademark four-part harmonies, as well as their live

sound. Pulling on all their resources, the band also started a successful sell-out club night

Chasing Heaven, where friends were invited to play at intimate London venues.

Accomplished songwriters Will, Sam, Nick, and Jon have released a flurry of alternative-indie

anthems including ‘We Are The Rain’, ‘Closer Together,’ and ‘Light Me Up’ over the past few

years and have amassed over 1.5M Spotify streams. Evolving together as a band and great